United Data Voice Delivers Top-Line Features for Biotech Start-Up

versartisAs a growing business, Versartis—like many companies today—began their communications search by pricing POTS (plain old telephone service) through the traditional channels, and were forced to explore what else was available that could provide similar reliability and quality. Versartis, like many start-ups before them, found the ongoing costs not only substantial, but unacceptable.

Founded in 2009, Versartis initially occupied contract office space that included basic phone service. Additional services, like teleconferencing, were sourced by third-party vendors. When the company landed at their next location as tenants later that year, they needed communication equipment and service for the four full-time employees. A primary requirement was that the system had to accommodate the anticipated growth of the company.

“We needed a phone system that was stable, cost-effective and provided good phone and handset performance in terms of features as well as clarity,” said CEO and Founder Jeff Cleland. “When we called in the phone company, it made us re-think spending such a significant amount for traditional phone service, so we sought alternatives.”

That’s when a colleague suggested United Data Voice, a Northern California telecommunications provider that specializes in start-ups and small business.

“As a growing company, we needed the usual basic features: access to an intercom, the ability to easily dial out internationally, and presence management. Conference calls are really important for us, and the true value we’ve extracted is the ad hoc teleconference capability. If we need to set up a conference call on the fly, the Allworx system makes it very easy.”

United Data Voice owner Sean Finney recommended the Allworx 24x combined with PRI (Primary Rate Interface) service from TelePacific. PRI provides up to 23 simultaneous phone lines at an affordable price. Finney said this allows his customer to take advantage of the four conference bridges built in to the Allworx system to host their own teleconferences. “People using teleconferencing and presence management often can’t take full advantage of their systems because of the lack of available phone lines,” Finney said. “With PRI and Allworx, Versartis doesn’t have that problem.”

With any telecommunication system, end-user training is critical to getting the most from its features. Upon initial installation United Data Voice provided a thorough overview of the phone system to all the users, easily referenced desktop materials and specialized training, as needed, for individual users. United Data Voice continues to train new users as they are added.

The company has grown to 11 employees, plus on-site consultants, which necessitated a move to a third location. “United Data Voice did an excellent job when we transitioned to this facility,” Cleland said. “They were very diligent about minimizing service interruption in our move, and the phone system in particular has lived up to the promise of its features with exceptional call clarity.”