Tips for Phone System Buyers

We have given you a lot of information, hopefully information that will help you to make a sound decision regarding your business’ telephone system. However, we will leave you with a few tips that may save you some money in your current pursuit:

  • Talk with other business owners – If you are looking for a phone system for your small business, talk with other small business owners. If you are looking to purchase a telephone system for your large corporation – talk to other large business owners. Get feedback, recommendations, and insight from businesses that are similar in size to yours and see if you can get some input from somebody who has already gone through the process of acquiring a phone system.
  • Try before you buy – Phone systems should not be purchased based on a pamphlet or a brochure; you should ask to see a demo of the telephone system that you are interested in to be sure that it will, in fact, meet your current and long-term needs.
  • Consider extra wiring for future growth – If your business telephone system is a permanent investment, it is highly advisable that you purchase more wiring than you need initially to cut down on future costs. Yes, extra wiring will add to your initial investment, but it saves you from the possibility of a complete rewiring should you need to upgrade your system in the future.
  • Get a quote for future growth – When you are sorting through potential phone system dealers, get an estimate for future upgrades. What will work today may not work for you tomorrow, and to avoid any unpleasant surprises from a vendor, it is recommended that when you are getting a quote, that you talk about costs and viability of future expansion with your proposed business telephone system. Most PBX and key telephone systems upgrade easily, but be sure to verify whether expansion for your proposed system is an option.
  • Shop around – Because there are several phone system vendors to choose from, do not settle for the first price you get, even if you feel that the price is right. The concept is the same with any high-value item or service; check with different suppliers, get different quotes and check out different offers.

Choosing a telephone system for your office or place of business does not have to be difficult. Yes, it can appear overwhelming at first – but the truth of the matter is that you do not have to decide everything or even know everything yourself. Your job as a business owner is not to know every detail of the inner-workings of the different types of telephone systems available today; rather, it is to estimate your needs to the best of your ability and to weigh out the options put in front of you by perspective phone systems dealers.

We hope that this guide has shed some light on the phone system buying process, the costs involved, and what to expect when you are ready to move forward. Choosing a phone system for your business is an important decision – one that you now should be able to make with the help of a competent professional.