Allworx Builds Architectural Firm a Phone System

Allworx Builds Architectural Firm a Phone SystemWhen KGA decided to move from its old corporate office in Las Vegas to a more modern facility, it was decided that the time was also right to move from an old phone system to a more modern option. “We were in a situation where our firm was making a physical relocation of our corporate office,” said Rick Romito, director of operations at KGA.

So impressed with Allworx was Romito and his team at KGA that they decided to outfit their new Las Vegas office with a 24x and at the same time install a 6x at their office in Austin. In addition, all KGA employees were equipped with 9212 IP Phones, and 9224 IP Phones with Tx 92/24 Expanders were placed at the reception desks in both of the KGA offices. good in terms of supporting us.”

Download the KGA case study PDF